How to Test Your Water

The water you use to shampoo your hair and bathe yourself will profoundly affect the outcome of your haircuts, haircolors and ability to style your hair and, unfortunately, not in a good way. Water also contributes to the oxidation that causes premature signs of aging as well as more serious skin conditions.

Even if you know your water’s hardness, chlorine content and other factors can change from time to time with climate conditions, pollution issues and treatment plant issues.

At Malibu Wellness, we strongly urge you to test your water at home for hardness and chlorine so you know why you are seeing the problems you are seeing with your hair and skin. When you know your water, you can use the principles of Total Oxidation Management to stop water-borne elements’ negative impacts and get the best hair ever, as well as solve issues with scalp and skin dryness, irritation, aging and discoloration.


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