Malibu C Hard Water Wellness System

A: Anyone can use the Hard Water Wellness System, but especially those who have issues with calcium, lime, iron, copper and other hard water minerals present in their water. Also, surprisingly, those who have softened water will find this system to be very beneficial as softening salts can also cause problems for hair and scalp. Because of the patented vitamin technology of Malibu C, this system is very safe and gentle and can be used on any hair type with confidence.
A: The Hard Water Wellness System is specially formulated and customized to fit the needs of hair that is exposed to hard water (both city-treated and domestic well water) and softened water.
A: Yes, even softened water can still have minerals such as iron and copper in it. Not to mention salt, which oxidizes the hair and can cause it to look and feel dry or rough. Essentially, oxidized hair is aging hair. These elements can also cause hair to be damaged, discolored and lacking in shine, body and brilliance.
A: While both Malibu C Wellness Hair Care Systems are safe and effective for blondes shampooing in hard water, we recommend our Malibu Blondes Wellness System, which is formulated specifically for natural, bleached and highlighted blondes and is therefore customized for your specific hair type.
A: Your hair may feel dry but it actually is rough because you need a Hard Water Wellness at-home Malibu MakeOver. Essentially, you have hard water mineral rocks that have built up on your hair. Oxidized hair is negatively charged, and minerals are positively charged, thus they attach onto the hair like a magnet and scientifically, a shampoo or conditioner doesn’t have the ability to break that magnetic attraction. The power is in the packet with the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy, which is formulated to weaken the magnetic bond so that the mineral rocks can be released from the hair, washed away, instantly removing that dry, rough feeling and restoring you the vibrancy of your hair.
A: The Hard Water Wellness Shampoo is used every time you shampoo your hair to help repel minerals hiding in your water. The Hard Water Wellness Remedy is recommended once a week to gently, yet effectively, remove those malicious minerals that can wreak havoc on hair and scalp.
A: No, the Hard Water Wellness Remedy is freshly-activated right in the palm of your hand with water while in the shower then applied directly to your hair and scalp.
A: Yes, all of the products in our 100% Vegan Wellness Beauty Collection are formulated without the use of sulfate surfactants, gluten and parabens.
A: While it is not mandatory that you use them each time you wash your hair, Malibu C’s formulas are safe and gentle for daily application and most effective when used on a regular, consistent basis to gently cleanse and condition while shielding your hair from harsh minerals hiding in your water that can wreak havoc on your hair. There really isn’t a reason not to use them each time you wash/condition your hair. You will notice the most benefits when the system is utilized as directed, which is each time you shampoo/condition your hair.
A: If you still have discoloration following the use of a Hard Water Wellness Remedy it is an indication that you have SEVERE mineral build-up on your hair and therefore you need an in-salon Malibu MakeOver, which is processed under heat. Ask your stylist for the world-famous Malibu MakeOver today!
A: The fragrance of the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner is one of our proprietary blends called “Malibu Fusion” which also features Orange and Vanilla Essential Oil.
A: Even if you don’t have extremely hard water, chances are that you do have some sort of mineral content in your water. Even minimal mineral exposure can wreak havoc with your hair and scalp. Your water's pH can also cause you problems along with chemicals used to keep your water disinfected. Malibu C’s Hard Water Wellness System helps you to address all these issues with a simple, quick and easy regimen that is safe and gentle for all ages and hair types. 

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Malibu Wellness’ vitamin technology is a patented technology protected by patent #5,804,172.