Post Cosmetic Procedures

You’ve had a chemical peel or laser resurfacing to help reduce the signs of age. Unfortunately, your skin is now red and inflamed and needs time to heal. To help with re-epithelialization (healing of treated area) and to avoid crusting, you need to ease discomfort and avoid additional oxidation. Oxidation from sun exposure, pollution, and more can make the inflammation even worse, leading to free radical damage like scarring. Our wellness approach, Total Oxidation Management, helps prevent the damaging effects of these environmental aggressors.

Two steps. Two Minutes. Twice a day.  

Total Oxidation Management is a non-invasive approach to help reduce inflammation caused by radically exfoliating skin with peels or laser resurfacing, thus protecting now vulnerable skin.

  • Help reduce inflammation with our pure, nature-identical, pharmaceutical grade vitamin C. This targeted 12% L-ascorbic acid is crystallized to eliminate the need for preservatives. Once activated in our pure 1% zinc serum, it works to scavenge oxidizing free radicals while preventing bacteria
  • Defend against future oxidative damage while improving the look and feel of the skin
  • Inhibit excessive pigmentation by regulating melanin formation
  • Normalize the natural rate of exfoliaton to help calm redness
  • Penetrate into skin to replenish vital moisture 

For the specific regimen to follow in conjunction with your physician’s recommendations, click on Deep Chemical Peel or Laser Resufracing.

After peeling away the surface, put the wellness back on

Peels, lasers and other cosmetic procedures can lead to worse pigmentation issues, and make you see red. A natural approach provides incredible photo-protection, and helps inflamed skin to calm down.

All Malibu C products are 100% vegan and gluten-free. Read more!


Perfection C Sérum

Perfection Vital Crème

Perfection C Sérum

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Perfection C Sérum

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Step 1: Perfection C Sérum
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