Water Analysis Table

Soft water with little or no calcium or magnesium
Hard water with moderate levels of calcium & magnesium
Very hard water with high levels of calcium & magnesium
STRAIGHT HAIR Limp hair, little volume, good shine. Dry texture with little shine. Very dry feeling hair that lacks shine, but has volume due to minerals.
CURLY HAIR Great curl formation with little frizz. Frizz and lack of shine. Very dry feeling hair with constant frizz and no shine.
COLOR Color is superior, vibrant, and long lasting. Often need to reformulate to match swatch, and reds are not vibrant, lasting only weeks. Colors must be reformulated since reds, lights and darks cannot penetrate the minerals and oxidize faster, causing fading in weeks or even days.
BLONDES/HIGHLIGHTS Bright, shiny hair. Blondes lack shine and are discolored and muddy. Highlights lose vibrancy. Highlights begin to fade in days, constant breakage problems occur, and the hair has no shine.
PERMS Desired volume, with results usually very good with little resistance. Crown is often resistant and loses curl formation prematurely. Hair is very resistant to perm service, hair feels dry after perm, and perm does not last months.
Less demand, but results are very good. Good results in salon, but often lose curl retention a week later due to minerals that interfered with service. After first shampooing, curls re-appear, frizz returns, and hair begins feeling dry.
SCALP/SKIN Little affect except in high chlorine. Dandruff, eczema and rosacea conditions can flare-up seasonally. More severe scalp and skin problems such as dandruff, eczema, rosacea, and extreme dry skin.
HAIR LOSS Little affect on hair loss. Minerals can build up on hair and scalp at follicle, blocking hair growth. Clients prone to hair loss will lose more hair faster with less replacement of hair, since hair cannot get through the wall of minerals.

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