Privay Policy

Malibu Wellness respects your privacy and the privacy of any personal information you may choose to share with Malibu Wellness. Malibu Wellness is committed to protecting that information and will not use or share it with others without your permission. The following policy has been implemented by Malibu Wellness to protect your private information. In addition, when you use the Malibu Wellness website or products or services provided thereby, you will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

Providing Private Information To Malibu Wellness

In order to serve your needs and to provide improved products and services, Malibu Wellness may from time to time request personal and private information such as your name or company, address, contact information, payment information when you place orders, information relevant to your requests, survey information and/or other information. You may choose to provide this information at your option. Many areas of our site are accessible without providing any private information.

You may choose to set-up an account with Malibu Wellness to obtain additional information or to order products and/or services. If you set-up such an account, certain private information will be needed such as your name or company, address, contact information and payment arrangements. An update option will be provided to alter or update any private information at your request. Malibu Wellness will maintain a history of orders and payments via your account for normal accounting and business purposes.

If you choose not to provide private information to Malibu Wellness's website, alternate ordering and payment arrangements can be made by providing the necessary information via telephone, fax, mail, via a distributor or via another standard method of communication.

Usage of Private Information By Malibu Wellness

Any private information provided by you will only used by Malibu Wellness to provide products and services to you. This information will be used only for the internal operations of Malibu Wellness and its affiliated companies and/or business partners. In order to improve Malibu Wellness's products and services and its website, Malibu Wellness may track usage of the website.


Malibu Wellness may use the "cookie" feature of your browser to assist in providing you directed products or services. Cookies identify a specific browser and certain usage history. Malibu Wellness may choose to use cookies to identify you and to recall previous requests from your browser in order to better serve you. You may choose to disable the cookie feature of your browser; however, cookies may be required for certain portions of the website to function correctly.

No Sharing of Private Information

Malibu Wellness will not sell, lease, trade or otherwise provide your private information to third parties without your permission.

From time to time, Malibu Wellness may provide the option that certain portions of your private information could be provided to third parties which Malibu Wellness believes may provide additional quality products or services to you. You will be given the option to give or deny permission for Malibu Wellness to share your private information with such third parties.

Malibu Wellness may choose to provide third parties with general statistics or information regarding its website, customers, use patterns and related information. Any such general information will not include identifiable private information.

Disclosure If Required by Law

Although Malibu Wellness will strive to reasonably maintain all private information as confidential, Malibu Wellness may be required to disclose private information if required by government regulation, if required to enforce a user agreement or if required by process of law.


Malibu Wellness is committed to maintaining the privacy of your information and will treat the privacy of your information with the same or greater security protections as Malibu Wellness provides for its own private information.


All content on this site is for information only and is not intended to substitute for the advice available from your own medical professional. The information contained herein should not be used as a medical diagnosis and should not be used as prescription for any medication. It is very important to read the information on every product package. If you have or suspect a medical problem, you should promptly contact your health care provider. Claims made above have not been reviewed by FDA.

Malibu Wellness’ vitamin technology is a patented technology protected by patent #5,804,172.