Milia develop as a result of dead skin cells that become trapped because the skin doesn’t exfoliate properly. It can affect newborns, children and adults. In adults, these white, pearly bumps or keratin-filled cysts come from a disruption in sweat ducts. It can also come from dermabrasion or topical steroids. Our wellness approach to normalize exfoliation can help.

Take the natural approach to eliminating milia 

You need a system that utilizes the pure, nature-identical, freshly-activated 12% vitamin C, a vital ingredient that ramps up the fight against free-radicals to deliver results for milia-affected skin.

  • Normalize skin’s natural exfoliation rate to create healthier tone and texture
  • Defend skin against oxidative damage caused by chemicals, skin procedures, sun and pollution with our pharmaceutical-grade L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) inside a 1% zinc based serum that fights free radicals that damage skin
  • Limit and control the production of skin oils
  • Replenish moisture with our creamy oil-free moisturizer with intelligent technology and a pro vitamin B5 “smart” formula to help smooth away the appearance of milia without drying the skin

Smooth and soft

Non-irritating, non-invasive and no drugs. It’s the natural way to treat milia and create smooth, soft skin, on babies, on kids, on you!

That’s complexion perfection! From Malibu C!

All Malibu C products are 100% vegan and gluten-free. Read more!


Acné C Sérum

Sensitiv Vital Crème

Acné C Sérum

Price: $48.00

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Acné C Sérum

Price: $32.00

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Step 1: Acné C Sérum
Step 2: Sensitiv Vital Crème

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