Hair Color Correction

If your latest color was less than perfect – going darker than you wanted or brassier than you intended – you need a color do-over. Get the color you really wanted, the correct hair color. It's an easy fix.

Correcting bad hair color is easier than you think.

Correct color naturally, without harsh chemicals, to get rid of obstacles that create unpredictable results:

  • Eliminate invisible minerals and oxidizers
    that keep true color from grabbing on
  • Say good-bye to product buildup and issues
    that keep true color from holding on

To get hair ready for successful color results start with the purest wellness remedy to return your hair to its most natural state.

Color will be true; color will last longer! Color will be correct!

  • Brilliant, head-turning shine
  • Silky feel, easy to comb
  • Keep scalp from itching
  • Prevent frizziness and split ends

If you’re looking for perfect color that turns heads, turn to the ultimate color fix. It’s the correct thing to do!

Our Malibu C Color Wellness Kit, with a daily shampoo, conditioner, and weekly remedies, maintains and keeps color strong. It also includes Color Prepare Natural Wellness Treatment to help insure better coverage and truer color next time you go to the salon.

All Malibu C products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without sulfates, gluten and parabens. Read more!


Quick Fix for Color Correction
Wellness Hair Remedy

Quick Fix for Color Correction <br /> <span>Wellness Hair Remedy</span>

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