When the tops layers of your skin exfoliate too rapidly, your skin can become inflamed and itchy, with scaly patches that look painful. This is eczema and it affects millions of people, including babies. It can flare at any time, and can be exacerbated by dry, cold, winter air and overheated rooms, and even the water you bathe in. Dermatologists often treat it with steroids and other medical therapies that may actually cause more irritation. A lifestyle approach that confronts eczema by using Total Oxidation Management can be more beneficial to help eliminate its symptoms and even replace the need for medication. 

A wellness approach in two steps for two minutes, twice a day

Our wellness system to treat eczema includes nature’s most vital antioxidant, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) used in its purest form, along with zinc and colloidal oatmeal to fight the environmental triggers that can cause eczema.

  • Step one: Pour the crystallized vitamin C into the zinc and colloidal oatmeal based serum to activate its power. This proven mix now contains the highest concentration of pure vitamin C available without preservatives. 12%. That’s high-octane help for your inflamed, free radical-ravaged skin.
    • Defend against oxidative damage
    • Help normalize skin’s natural rate of exfoliation to prevent flaking and dryness
    • Relieve the redness and itching
    • Reveal your beautiful skin
  • Step two: Smooth on our luscious oil-free wellness moisturizer with a colloidal oatmeal and pro vitamin B5 “smart” formula and intelligent technology to help soothe eczema-symptoms and improve skin’s condition

Treat skin well for it to look well

You can reduce the symptoms associated with eczema by directly attacking the affected area with a wellness solution that gives you relief. It’s a wellness approach to an age-old problem.

From Malibu C.

Treat eczema on your scalp with a Scalp Wellness Kit that can eliminate the dryness, flaking and itchiness associated with scalp eczema. Without harsh chemicals or drugs!

All Malibu C products are 100% vegan and gluten-free. Read more!


Perfection C Sérum

Sensitiv Vital Crème

Perfection C Sérum

Price: $48.00

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Perfection C Sérum

Price: $32.00

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Step 1: Perfection C Sérum
Step 2: Sensitiv Vital Crème


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